About Me

Hi, I am Tracey Grant and I live in Walkington (near Beverley) in East Yorkshire.

I have been teaching and training general obedience and fun agility classes for 8 years.

I have completed many training courses with the IMDT ( Institute of Modern Dog Trainers ) and by combining years of practical experience with training methods gained from the IMDT and many other resorources I provide high quality training for your dog and most problems can be resolved effectively.

I am a lifelong animal lover and have a black Labrador.  I have also had lots of other animals in my life including horses, cats, rabbits and chickens.

Dog walking is my favourite pastime.

My aim is to improve the life of dogs and all other pets that share our lives.

Happy dog – happy owner!

Tracey at a river with Poppy - Poppy likes water !
Tracey walking along a public footpath in a field near Walkington - Poppy is there somewhere !
My Labrador called Poppy when she was three months old.
Poppy grown up !

Contact me today

If you need help with dog training or dog home boarding please contact me. I will always help.

Telephone 07985 674243