Dog training

Dog Training classes

I live in Walkington in East Yorkshire and provide 1 to 1 home visits throughout the local area.

Group classes are held at North Frodingham where we have excellent indoor and outdoor facilities and securely fenced fields.

One to One lessons can be at your own home or a suitable local location or at North Frodingham.

All training is reward based and force free.

We also use agility as a training method as it builds a bond between dog and owner.  It is also great fun!

We need to understand how a dog thinks so we can communicate effectively.


Puppy Training Classes

Your puppy would need to have a one to one session first prior to joining the group to see how much they already know and to get you both on the right track with walking on the lead and the recall and other basic training for a puppy.

At puppy training class your dog will get the chance to play and interact with the other puppies which is vital for socialisation and will help them to develop into a well balanced adult.

The price is £10 per class held at North Frodingham and is pay as you go, no need to pay up front.


1 to 1 Training Session

You will need to have a one to one training session before you can join a group lesson.

This is to assess the dog and owner and covers recall, walking on the lead and basic obedience as well as to help solve any problems you may be having. Most problems can be improved very quickly.

The one to one training session could either be at North Frodingham which has superb indoor and outdoor facilities or by a home visit if you have a suitable garden and are within travelling distance.

Group Training Classes

There are several group training classes and your dog will be able to join the class most suitable for it’s age and how much training it has had.

We have groups for beginners to advanced and also fun agility groups which the dogs really enjoy.

Group classes are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Plenty to choose from and there will always be a class suitable for you and your dog.

This is pay as you go training, there is no need to pay up front for a block of lessons. Visit when you can and have fun while training your dog.

The price is £10 per class held at North Frodingham and is pay as you go, no need to pay up front.



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If you need help with dog training or dog home boarding please contact me. I will always help.